This is Adolphe who took me to the cooperative and explained what they do.

Adolphe works for an international NGO who addresses deforestation problems and tries to conserve forest around the world. His work field covers whole Madagascar island and has worked with cooperative since their launch in 2007.

I visited plantations of agroforestry with Adolphe and have got a lot of knowledge from him.


Q1. What brings you to start your activities related with forest conservation and agroforestry?
“I grew up in country side and helped farming, on the other hand we have deforestation issue in Madagascar. Because I wanted to find a way in which agriculture and ecology are compatible, I studied agro-ecology and agroforestry in my master course of the University”

Q2. What do you think about the potential/importance of agroforestry in Madagascar?
“I believe agroforestry contributes to making Madagascar agriculture and our society sustainable. It has potentials from the aspects of “ecology”, “economy” and “society”. And also it will strengthen resilience of plantations against cyclones which are nowadays getting stronger because of the global warming. This is because trees will weaken the power of the wind and protect crops and also native species planted in agroforestry have greater resilience against strong wind and big rain. ”

Q3. What do you expect of Coop Fanohana in the future?
“I hope that they can develop market not only in Europe but also in US and Asia including Japan and other countries, and that they will attract more farmers and enlarge membership, so that they can get more competitiveness in the market. ”

Q4. What is your dream regard with forest conversation and/or agroforestry?
“I want make Madagascar agriculture especially in the east coast more sustainable within this 10 years by encouraging agroforestry”.